Sunday, October 23, 2005

An Unexpected Honor

This applies to my AOL/AIM Journal, The Daily Snooze II, but I thought you'd like to hear about it overhere at Blogger, too. <-- Shameless Plug

I was perusing journals via my aggregator, Bloglines and had just gotten to reading Freeepeace's entry on being nominated when it became necessary to let my AOL /AIM logon to proceed, something it hasn't been allowed to do for a couple of days. Lo and behold, “You Got Aim Mail!” sings out yours truly (I tickle myself with the stupidest stuff). I was curious about having received two emails to my AIM account as I rarely use it. But there was a missive from Patrick, informing me of my good fortune, as well as a congratulatory email from Artloner congratulating me on my nomination. What nomination, you ask? Why, you're looking at one of the four nominees for "Best AIM Journal," that's what! Check out the nominations at the Official VIVI Awards Journal.

Frankly, I'd gotten sucked away from the computer lately, trying to keep all the buckets, pots and pans emptied from the latest deluge to strike the burg. Then you have to let the computer room dry out ... I hate getting zapped when I sit at the computer on a wet rug... and there's the black mold all over my books and other things which have been soaked by the roof leaks. So I really haven't paying close attention to journals and blogs and stuff (I've still got over 3000 entries to read and the weekend usually accounts for another seven or eight hundred new ones). Imagine my surprise!

The Daily Snooze II - hewasolddog299
The Light's On...But No One's Home - krspkrmmom
Living Life...and Lovin It - chseroo
Talking to Myself – emmapeeldallas

So now, you've got all these great journals to check out. I wish all the nominees good luck. Just being nominated is an honor when you consider there is some 21 million AOL users, about 160,000 AOL Journals and an unknown (to the general public) number of AIM Journals. But there are supposedly 195 million AIM accounts (many are inactive or used strictly for IM'ing or gaining access to comments – source is the Wikipedia article on AOL Internet Messenger. If only 1/100th of 1% have an AIM Blog, that'd still be in excess of 19,500 AIM Journals. Not bad for a service less than a year old that is already saturated with free blogs. That's pretty good odds, compared to the folks nominated for King/Queen of the Blog.

Anyway, visit the VIVI Awards site and view the journals you don't already read on a regular basis. They are all deserving of your consideration before you cast your vote.

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