Monday, October 31, 2005

MEME: Monday Madness - TV & Movies

Otto demures, “Thanks to all who played last week; I'm aware that the comments weren't working for a good portion of the day, but hopefully we'll have better luck this week. Now on to this week's questions!”

1. Name 1 comedy movie you've seen. Something About Mary
2. Name 2 black and white films you remember seeing. Harvey, Arsenic And Old Lace
3. Name 3 dramas you thought were worth watching. I, Claudius, Empire Falls, Philadelphia
4. Name 4 television shows you watch on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Survivor. CSI. Crossing Jordan. House.
5. Name 5 things that, in your opinion, are advertised on television too frequently.
Cars. Cell phones. Beer. Feminine napkins & tampons. Long distance plans.

Each week, Natalie, AKA “Otto,” gives out with the questions. Your job is to answer. Get your questions, leave your answers or a link to them in the comments at the Monday Madness web site.

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