Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MEME: Monday Madness

  1. Name one productive thing you accomplished this past weekend.
  2. Nada. Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.

    2. Name two things that you look forward to doing.

    Sex. Eating. In that order, too.

    3. Name three things that gross you out.

    Brains on the pavement, smeared. Accidental impalement on fences. George Bush pretending he remotely cares about the people harmed by geo-physical incidents, weather, economics, or partisan politics.

    4. Name four things that you normally do on a daily basis.

    Eat. Evacuate. Read. Listen.

    5. Name five things that you own that you think you could get rid of and not miss.

    Post hole auger. Fondue pot. Cider press. Chest Freezer. Old stereo

    Get your own list of questions every week at the Monday Madness web site. Your violaceous lichen planus will clear up if you do, guaranteed.

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