Tuesday, February 21, 2006



So cliche!! I know. But instead of asking what book, movie, album, food, lover etc. you'd want there with you on the sandy beach -- here's a few unique ( I hope) queries:

1. A memorable dream that you'd like to have every night:

I'd like to dream of a laid back vacation involving all the people from my life that are dead or gone away. Just a big beach party with happy conversations, singing and telling stories around a bonfire when the sun goes down and great food and drink. All ages, all persuasions, getting together in all senses of the term.

2. A pet from your past (no longer living) to keep you company:

I'd like my first German Shepherd Dog, Raj Kashi Lobo Von Wilhelm, “Kashi” to his pals, to be the long-gone pet to join me. He was the best I ever had and I have been blessed with some great GSD's over the years. Loved to play “Rescue Dog” with small kids in the water, too.

3. A bedtime snack you'd like available to you at 3 am every night:

Something very high in protein, with moderate carbohydrates and low fats. And filling. As a diabetic, it is best if my mid-morning (my 10AM = 3AM to you) snack be as high a protein source as possible to reduce the bounce back low that may occur if you eat something with too many carbs. That cuts out the sweets, roughages like salad or toast, most fruits. A chicken fried steak would satisfy all but the requirement for low fat. A can of sardines in tomato sauce does the job admirably but my wife can't stand the smell of them, even with teeth brushing and mouth washing (bloody flatlander). Suggestions?

4. Somebody you had a crush on in high school (you may make them disappear at will):

I thought about this one for a while. Some of them were very pleasant memories, too. But no one came to mind from high school days that I would publicly declare here by name. Several college ladies come to mind, but that'd be a bit too embarrassing to reveal, too.

5. A stuffed animal that you slept with as a kid.

I want the little puppy that I got when I was 7 years old and I had the chicken pox (he was burned after I recovered).

If you want to play along too, just swing by Inner and Outer Demons. Don't forget to leave a link to your answers in the comments there, too. Enjoy!

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