Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Seven - Episode 23

Last week's Sunday Seven had you recalling the sounds that relax you. Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, and since many non-sports fan will still watch, focused on the commercials, this seemed a good time to spend a little time looking at charities.

Antonette, of "Jottings From Jersey," was technically "first to play" last week's question about relaxing sounds, since she was the first person to leave a link to the specific entry in which she answered the question in her own blog. (She'd have also been "first to play" if she'd been the first person to answer the questions here in a comment.)

On to the challenge!

List up to seven charities you feel are particularly worthwhile.

Either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered "first to play," a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)

My Answers:

  1. The Red Cross/Red Crescent

  2. CARE

  3. ASPCA

  4. Literacy Volunteers of America

  5. Noah's Wish (Pet Rescue during disasters)

  6. Habitat For Humanity

  7. Doctors Without Borders, USA

Did You Know?

Between 2005 and 2050, eight countries -- India, Pakistan, Nigeria,

Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, the United States, Ethiopia, and China

-- are likely to contribute half of the world's population increase.

There are over 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world.

Children in the country Burkina Faso on average receive three

years of formal schooling.

Ninety countries are affected by landmines and unexploded

ordinance, with rough estimates of 15,000 to 20,000 mine

victims each year.

17 million children die from malnutrition and starvation each year.

Sierra Leone is considered the 'least livable country' and

Norway is considered the 'most livable country' in 2004.

There are 22 countries where more than half the population

is illiterate. Fifteen of them are in Africa.

In 2003, International-affairs organizations saw giving rise

by 12 percent, more than any other type of cause.

Every year more than 500,000 women die as a result of

pregnancy and childbirth, with huge regional disparities.

Since the epidemic began, AIDS has killed more than 21.8

million people--almost three times the population of Switzerland.

If you want to participate, copy the question(s), post your answers in your own blog and provide a link in the comments at Patrick's Weekender to your answers. It's easy and safe -- no AIDS involved...

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