Monday, February 13, 2006

MEME: Monday Madness -- Choco-Coma Special!

Otto aroused herself from her chocolate-induced carbo-coma to mutter,

Thanks to Tilly for this week's questions! Here they are; Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and thanks for playing!”

1. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever received? I don't recall any specific V-Day gifts I have received. It's never been a very important date for me.
2. What is the best (and worst) Valentines gift you have ever given? The best was the year I gave my wife a dozen roses, candy, a card, a bear AND jewelry. The worst would be forgetting the day all together...
3. In the past, have you ever sent or received an anonymous Valentines Card? If so, do you now know who sent you the card? And if you've sent one, does the person you sent a card to know it was from you? No. What's the point? If you want someone to know you are interested in them, tell them straight out. If you can not, the other party is either married or otherwise involved and you are trying to mess around in some other woodchuck's wood pile.
4. Have you ever sent an anonymous Valentines and got together with that person afterwards? Again, no.
5. Do you make special plans for Valentines, or is it just another commercial plan to make people spend money? I make special plans ONLY because my present wife regards Valentines to be a Very Important Day. I couldn't care less, personally. See the last sentence in the entry below.
6. Do you buy, or make, traditional gifts, like red roses and chocolates, or do you like to be different? Both. Being imaginative is a trial when you are flat broke, but it does require imagination.
7. Do you think you are with that special someone, are you waiting for that special someone, or is there 'the one that got away'?
Of course I'm with “that special someone.” Why would anyone waste time in a relationship if the significant other wasn't special?

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