Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm pooped!

Going to be cold tonight – forecast says frost and temps below freezing are very likely. Big yellow moon came up in the East around 5:30 pm or so while we were at camp. It was a busy day – pulled the water line from the lake, drained the pump and hot water tank and put them up for the winter. Got all the hoses rolled up and put away until next spring.

Looks like the lawn will need another mowing before I can take the mower off for the winter and mount the snow blower. There's a mess of leaves still on the trees, though, so can't be too hasty or I'll have to rake – I hate raking. Much more enjoyable to chop them up into little bits with the mower and mulch them in the lawn with a little fertilizer

Hunters were having a grand old time in the cove shooting at ducks and geese. Sounded like a skeet shoot at times. It was windy and cool, so not much boat traffic but did see a warden out about mid afternoon and saw some kids in a skiff later on. Saw a bunch of geese in chevron flight flying north at sunset to escape the hunters...

We put away the hammock and frame today, too. Definitely the end of summer when you do that!

So what'd you do today?

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