Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MEME: Monday Music Mambo – Food for thought.

Hello! Another Monday, another Mambo. Today's theme is World Food Day.

Well, I'm behind the eight ball this week -- it's Tuesday already. But it's still the Mambo:

1. Name at least three bands/artists with food in their name.
Pearl Jam, Cream, Black-eyed Peas.
2. Tell me a song that reminds you of the following tastes (one song for each taste):

Sweet – Sweet Adeline -- Elliott Smith
Sour - Sour Girl -- Stone Temple Pilots
Salty – Salty Dog – Johnny Cash
Bitter - Through the Bitter Frost and Snow - Susan McKeown
Bland - Way too many songs are bland – I tend to forget their names right away, if ever I knew them.
Spicy - Spicy Mama – Michael Thomas

3. You're a rock star, and you can request any food item for your post-show party backstage. What yummy food awaits in your dressing room?
I'm in a lobster mood ... so let's come offstage to iced Cajun steamed rock lobster tails, lobster stew, garnished with lobster chips and fried clams, lobster & clam dip with blue-corn tortilla chips, lobster rolls, and some flaming broiled Maine lobsters with drawn butter. Yea, that'll keep us on the porcelain pot for a week or so...

The rules are, there are no rules!!! All you need to do is copy and paste the above questions into your blog and add your responses. After you've finished, return here and leave us a comment so we'll know you've Mamboed. Be sure your Mambo is linked back to http://bdinsanity.blogdrive.com so others can dance too.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. If one of the questions doesn't inspire you then simply "pass" it. Just use your imagination and dance like crazy!

If you don't have a blog or you're an exhibitionist *woo hoo* feel free to Mambo right here in our comments section. There's absolutely no pressure ... although it's called the Monday Music Mambo you can Mambo on any day.

Until next time, this is your music-lovin' Mememeister saying have a good Monday and a good Mambo!

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