Monday, October 23, 2006

MEME: Monday Madness – Inmates Revolt!

Otto looked up from saddle-soaping her black leather bustier and remarked, “This week, 5 more questions from our fellow participants! Thank you all for playing, AND for offering suggestions. Have a fabulous week!” =)

1. From:
Dramas or comedies?
Comedies, m'dear ... they're really much finer than beer.
2. From:
Your neighbor has frequent noisy parties on nights before you need to get up early. Do you confront him directly, call the police, call your landlord, join in the debauchery, or seethe quietly and do nothing?
Until 11PM, I do nothing. After 11 o'clock, I call the po-po. If the tumult continues, well, thats what they make semi-automatic shotguns for...
3. From
Are you more comfortable in big crowds or small groups?
I'm most comfortable alone, followed by small groups. I fear and loathe mob mentality.
4. From
Do you prefer Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?
I've been a Mozilla user since verson 1.1 on the Sun and then the Apple Mac, followed by Netscape. I still use Netscape for business, but the rest of the time I use Firefox. I only use Micro$oft's Internet Explorer if there is no other possible choice – when updating Windoze, for instance.
5. From
They say you learn something new every day. What new thing did you learn today?
Hmm, the day is early – I only just got up. I'll get back to you on that, briar.

You can participate, if you are so inclined, by visiting Mistress Otto at her House of Pleasure, Pain and Grapes of Wrath to obtain your own copy of the questions (and to leave a link to your answers in the comments there).

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