Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Britney Spears Should Be Shot. Discuss.

Hmm. Seems that Maryland's First Lady has contracted Hoof In Mouth Disease. So sad. Not that I disagree with the sentiments completely. Actually, I'd rather spank Britney. Indeed!

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    While I can appreciate the pulchritude, the whole star persona and the caterwaulering (sp?) that passes for singing cause me to erupt in a seething hissy fit. I was forced to listen to her for eight hours a day, six days a week for an entire month while employed at Radio Shack (mercifully, they fired me. Or is that 'Put me out of my misery?'). Same for Jewel. I hate them both!
    Comment from olddog299 - 10/9/03 4:33 PM

    what i want to know is who is buying that girls music? somebody is right? i have yet to spend a dime on her and thankfully neither has my daughter. i'd be having a fit if my daughter thought that girl was someone to aspire to be
    Comment from his1desire - 10/9/03 8:00 AM

    I agree with the first lady 100%. Brittney needs to just go away and stay away forever. She is annoying and sooo NOT talented, well, maybe as a hooker or stripper she would be, but that's a another story......M
    Comment from maydeeday - 10/9/03 12:58 AM

    Lol...well, I'm not too fond of Britney myself. I don't blame Maryland's first lady for being that candid, but I do have a major problem with her timing. She shouldn't have said that during a *domestic violence conference,* of all places....

    P.S.: Thanx for visiting my journal and leaving a comment for me--I really appreciate it. :) :)
    Comment from scifiwrit - 10/8/03 11:29 PM

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