Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Quick! Check this out before eBay expires the listing!

This is a classic, so don't miss it. Fortunately, it isn't beanies here at Rancho Coockaracha - it's Lighthouse miniatures. And her money ;)

Special thanks to The G Spot for bringing this to our attention.

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    That's what we're doing this for -- grins and giggles. All the rest is just head noise ;)
    Comment from olddog299 - 10/24/03 10:32 PM

    this is absolutely hilarious !! i think i'm going to share it in my journal too !! at least he wasn't trying to sell his ex-wife like someone else did awhile back lol
    thanks for the chuckles !!
    pamela (GirlsHeadNoise)
    Comment from his1desire - 10/24/03 7:46 AM