Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Happy All Hallow's Eve

I don't even need a mask...

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    Call Me Ishmael. After all, I am an "Ancient Mariner" with this blogatross around my neck... hehehe. Call me anything you like, just don't call me late to supper. And no candy here, Andrea, spent the evening dodging the little devils in the street, but Type II diabetes means I've rung that Trick'o'Treat bell for the last time.
    Comment from olddog299 - 11/6/03 11:53 PM

    well its about time you posted a self-pic !!
    can i call you furry old dog?? hehe
    Comment from his1desire - 11/5/03 1:27 PM


    Well, I hope you got some good candy, olddog!

    Comment from andreakingme - 11/3/03 4:01 PM