Sunday, October 12, 2003

Naughty Mind

I was unfamiliar with the work some have described as the "best gay photographer on the (n)et" until my friend Pam from North Carolina forwarded a photograph to her humor mailing list that tickled my funnybone. Sadly, it is not appropriate to share with any but a very cosmopolitan adult audience, so all I can do is share a link to the artist's work. Look for the one named "chicken" on the first page of the gallery. By the way, the photograph bore a copyright statement so I was able to obtain the link to Harald Seiwert's delightful "Virtual Museum" via Google. It's an eye-opener and thought provoking. Of his male erotic photo art, Harald says in the intro to his Web Gallery Site CUMRADES, "It all started with a naughty mind." Long live a dirty mind!