Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Old News Recently Discovered

Whilst lost in the wilds of the Internet I stumbled thirstily into the PythOnline's Daily Llama where I discovered, quite by accident, that John Cleese has launched his own website. Also, Michael Palin has done another of his quirky travelogues which I like so much. This time it's a six-parter wherein he goes off trekking in the Himalyas, which will be broadcast late 2004 in Great Britain on the BBC and will likely be seen in syndication on PBS then on cable in the US in 2005-2006. Look for it.

No doubt you are all aware of Eric Idle's 'Greedy Ba$tard Tour'
now wending its way around North America. Seems I wasn't, and so am highly amused by the title of the tour. Even more amusing is Eric's diary of the tour as it makes it way from theater to theater. Don't miss it. (I am so facile - at times I frighten myself!) And for a different take on the tour, check out the diary by stage manager and recording artist in her own right, Gilli Moon.