Saturday, October 04, 2003

Twisted Minds

Twisted Minds

So leaving the decline of the grammar and usage rules of Western Civilization behind, I then turned to this winner of a story about the band known as Hell On Earth. Indeed.

Seems that the band has cooked up a winning publicity stunt -- if notoriety is the goal, this works. Take a concert venue in a neo-conservative Christian area of the country, with all the hubris and pontification that implies. Mix in a terminally ill fan, a radical right-to-die supporter, with a band leader possessing more showmanship than sense, and you get the imbroglio going on in St. Petersburg, Florida that has made it into the mainstream consciousness. Finally.

This truly saddens me. I am a firm believer in the right of an individual to choose his fate. I also subscribe to the notion that no harm should befall any who aid such an individual in carrying out "le coup de grace." But this public spectacle is tasteless, craven, puerile -- I can't find words strong enough to convey my utter disgust with the whole lot of them. This will set back the right-to-death movement decades. And it should. This is not "death with dignity". This is petulant, childish, ultimately evil.

Hell of a way to start a Saturday.

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