Monday, October 27, 2003

Monday Morning Musing

Last weekend I gave my brother my WillMaker CD, the one I never got around to using before my cardiac surgery. Maybe he'll be smarter than I. Or less of a procrastinator. Or more scared.

Making out one's "Last Will and Testament" is right up there in importance with "Advance Directives" and "Do No Resuscitate" orders. It's your last chance to tell the world where to get off and how deep to travel. It is the guide your survivors have to your holdings and how they're to be distributed. When you have children, a Will affords you the opportunity to specify to one and all (particularly to the folks at Child Welfare, who have their own ideas of who is suitable) who is to carry on in your absence.

There isn't a single one of us who will get out of existence alive. So why is the natural response to the process of making ones' wishes known nausea and uneasiness?

    you just keep writing your not going any where soon. i'll keep this short just want to say i love reading this stuffand thanx!!.
    Comment from rimbaud33 - 10/27/03 9:30 AM

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