Monday, October 20, 2003

Monday Morning Musings

My wife has been on vacation for a week and so my attention has been focused on things other than blogging. So here's the big catch-up.

Boston Red Sox lost their pennant bid in the seventh game after a hard fight in extra innings. Nothing to be ashamed about. I was saddened to see it happen even though I'm only a fair weather fan of the team and baseball in general. Still, who wins the World Series no longer interests me if Boston isn't in the running.

George W. Bush complains the "Media" is biased in its reporting of the goings on in Iraq. And just what does he think "embedded reporting" is, anyways?

Jeff Gordon, Driver of the Dupont 24 car in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series did it again yesterday at the 1/2 mile oval in Martinsville. Kewl!

The local movie pundit Chris Smith pans Clint Eastwood's new movie released this past weekend, "Mystic River." Seems he thinks there isn't sufficient attention paid to characterization, particularly the female cast members. Not having seen it yet, I can only conjecture that he's got his head up his ass again. If you've seen the movie, let me know your thoughts.

I went to see an Endocrinologist this morning. She wasn't impressed with my health, my girth, my eating habits, my exercise regimen or my appearance. I can only hope she likes my check.

Finally, Christmas Rant #263. Wherein we find our hero attempting to purchase miscellaneous items like soda, socks, shoes and crackers from a harried checker at Wal-Mart. She looks me in the eye and straightfaced asks, "Would you like to put these on Christmas Lay-away?"

Have a good day. And remember, let's be safe out there!

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