Sunday, October 26, 2003

Wild Turkeys Exposed

Well, here are the photos I mentioned in "Wild Turkey Redux" a couple of weeks ago. I finally picked them up at Sam's. I was saddened to discover that only two came out. So it goes -- I was shooting handheld from inside the car through the windshield. Best I can do under the circumstances as the shot literally ran away with every passing second it took to get the camera out, open, turned on and aimed.

Shot with a Minolta Freedom 50 on Fujicolor 200 AF/center weighted.

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Coming from you, I am truly honored. Many thanks.
Comment from olddog299 - 10/31/03 5:06 AM

Not bad! Plenty of birds in the frames. Most of my quick car shots don't turn out, but I keep on trying it anyways.

Comment from sepintx - 10/27/03 9:53 PM

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