Monday, August 21, 2006

MEME: Monday Madness -- Would you?

Otto, sole proprietor of this Salon, was heard to gush, “This week's fabulous questions came in an email to me from one of our faithful participants (and my younger sister), Jan (aka Bug)! Thank you so much, Jan!” =)

1. Would you shave your head for any amount of money? If yes, how much? While I'd prefer to do it in the spring rather than with autumn less than a month away, yes, I would. I'd have the local beauty school do it as they participate in the “Locks of Love” program and my hair is long enough to qualify (I'd hoped I'd be able to donate it to Pamela). Money? Name your price and I'll see if I'm willing...
2. What "wacky" thing might you do for a large sum of money? I might stroll in the nude across the field of play of a sporting event. I might even appear on stage to sing a rap song, so long as I could rehearse ahead of time. If the offer was large enough, I might let someone “off” me for the thrill of it, but not before I've finished the chores before me.

3. What do you think is a "large sum of money?" Something with nine zeros in front of the decimal point meets my criteria for “large”...
4. Do you watch "reality" tv shows? Yes, one.
5. If so, which do you watch and in what order do you prefer them? If not, are there any you may consider watching? Only “Survivor” thank you very much. The rest bore me.
6. Which reality show have you thought about participating in? Why? None. I'm too old and too fat.
7. Share one thing you would like to do in life but have not yet done..... think about why you haven't done it and share if you wish. I'd like to visit Europe as a tourist, take in the great art museums and the architecture of Western Civilization; I'd like visit Alaska on a cruise / rail / kayaking trip of about a month or so... Money has always been the sticking point. I just haven't had the money to make that kind of a trip. Nor does it look like I'll have it any time soon.

If you'd like to play, just visit the Ethereal Bells and Incense Shoppe where, per chance, you too can obtain enlightenment, or at least the weekly questions.

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