Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too Hot To Hump...


I'm sure it is hotter wherever you are in North America, but it is too hot here in Maine for Maniacs like me.

And muggy (how muggy is it?).

Muggy enough to rival one of Florida's Three Shirt Days. You know the ones – go off to work with a clean, starched shirt. Replace the soggy, wrinkled, mess after lunch with another clean, starched shirt. Repeat at 6:00 so you can take your wife out to dinner.

That's how muggy it is.


The Wednesday Mind Hump is canceled this week, due to a summer cold (rfduck's, not the Hump's).

I'm hiding indoors, avoiding the heat and generally being totally useless.

So what else is new?


Keep cool. Stay hydrated. Avoid exertion. Pay your bills. See you in the funny papers.

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