Monday, August 20, 2007

MEME: Sunday Seven -- Episode 103

Patrick has obviously been busy. See for yourself:

“It has been a long weekend. But here, finally, is this week’s edition of the Sunday Seven.”

“But first, Jude, of “My Way” was first to play last week for the second week in a row. Congratulations again, Jude!”

“On to this week’s question!”

Name the seven stores you’re most likely to buy groceries from.

  1. Hannaford Brothers

  2. Shaws

  3. Sam's Club

  4. Wal-Mart

  5. IGA

  6. K-Mart

  7. ...

There aren't that many different grocers in the area! In point of fact, the last IGA closed a couple of years ago in the immediate area. There are no store-front food co-ops within a reasonable distance and the last A&P closed last year and that was 45 miles away.

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