Saturday, August 04, 2007

So this is what the inside of Hell feels like...

Friday was hot. HOT. Bloody hot for Maine. Notched a high of 96° at the house yesterday, and 91° at camp and officially at the airport. Then the front started pushing into the region and the collision with the hot air spun off thunderstorms with significant storm winds, hail, severe lightning, and even spawned a funnel cloud in northern Maine. I swear, we picked up a couple of inches of rain in the space of a couple of minutes, even though the airport only lays claim to half an inch.

Today hasn't been AS bad. Hovered at 90° at the house and camp all day after a really foggy start this morning and pretty miserable humidity all day. But better than yesterday. These are the days I need to remember in January when it's -32° F with a forty knot wind.

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Chickie Carmarthen said...

It's been damn hot here as well, while I was off in California, my hubby had to install an A/C in our bedroom so he could sleep.


threecollie said...

Hope today is cooler there as it is here today...really the nicest day in weeks!