Tuesday, December 06, 2005

HUMOR: Top 10 Signs Your Dog's A Doppelganger!

The Top 10 Signs Your Real Dog
Has Been Replaced By a Robot Do
  1. No longer has any problem typing. In fact, he's posted naked pictures of your cat on the Web.

  2. "Fetch!" "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."

  3. After he's mangled in a terrible explosion, his one-armed torso still pursues the mailman.

  4. When you fake throwing a ball for him to fetch, you hear, "Projectile Analysis Module reports error Division By Zero -- Aborting!"

  5. He not only chases cars, he catches them, drags them back, and buries them in the front yard.

  6. Pages you when little Timmy falls down the old well.

  7. Frequently eats documents left lying around the house, presses tail into phone jack, and leaves you with expensive long-distance phone bills to China.

  8. Three words: "Yo quiero Pennzoil."

  9. Tell-tale oil stains when he drags his butt across the carpet.

  10. Run-in with the invisible fence makes for the greatest Fourth of July spectacle the town's ever seen.

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