Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree (Or is that a Burning Yule Log?)

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Decorations!

Twas the monday before Christmas (and Hanukkah! And the Winter Solstice!) and all through AOL-J, John Scalzi was saying, "you know, people have too much to do for me to make a complicated Photo Shoot this week." So:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show me the decorations!
Yes, time to pimp your seasonal decorating bug, folks. Show us what you got. Take the picture, post it on your Journal/Blog, and then come back to leave a link. Easy!

So I took one of the tree and here it is in all 32" of it's fiber optic, undecorated glory!

I apologize for the blurry picture. Seems my tripod is in the car. Wife had the car. I have palsey and shake. Result=blurry picture in low light and slow speed. While flash might have cured it, that wasn't desireable, either, as then I'd have to do a bunch of photoshopping stuff out and who needs that? I did take a photo of the tree with a flash, but hated it. So I went back and took one of the lighthouse by itself. Just as bad. Handheld days are over for me, I guess.

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