Monday, December 19, 2005

MEME: Monday Madness -- Shrinkage Edition

Otto, the proprietress of Monday Madness, was heard to mutter into her hot chocolate on Sunday, December 18, 2005:

Since I haven't received any emails from my faithful participants, offering questions (hint, hint), I will have to come up with my own...” =)

1. Name 1 toy you owned when you were younger, that meant a lot to you. A Tonka Powered Shovel Crane.
2. Name 2 games you enjoyed playing as a child. Monopoly™ and “War”
3. Name 3 foods you didn't like as a child, but do now. Brussels Sprouts and Artichoke Hearts
4. Name 4 foods you didn't like as a child, and still don't like. This may be impossible. I was a gourmand as a child and now I'm omnivorous. In other words, there wasn't much I wouldn't eat as a kid and there is even less I won't eat now. I never much cared for sheep eyes. Blood pudding put me off as a child but I like it now. The concept of “scrapple” was enough to keep it off my plate for a long time but once I tried it I liked it. I didn't like okra as a child but it turns out that was because my mother didn't know how to prepare it without turning it into a slimy mess. Frankly, I can't even think of one item that I wouldn't at least give a fair try these days. There are things I am not wild about, like raw hot dogs, raw eggs and similar gastronomic fringe elements, but in the main, if it qualifies as food, I'll eat it.

Want to participate? Get your questions at the Monday Madness web site and leave a link (or your answers) in the comments there. Easy. Try it – it's fun. And it cures carbuncles, too!

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