Thursday, December 29, 2005

MEME: Tuesday Two - Episode 11

In between dodging bullets and the slings and arrows inherent to the job of a TV advertising producer, intrepid Patrick has been exposing himself to mayhem on Virginia's roads during the holidays. Stuck in a massive tie-up on I-95, Patrick was heard to sputter...

So last week I let Tuesday go by without even realizing it. This week, I'm making up for it with a double edition of the Tuesday Two.

First, though, it's time to recognize the person who was first to answer last week's special challenge edition. That distinction goes to Hoppers of "Hoppers Happenings." Congratulations!

The rules, for those of you who are visiting for the first time, are simple: I offer you two questions related to a single topic. Choose one question (and only one) and answer it in your blog and leave a link to your post in a comment here. (Or, you can simply choose your question and answer it entirely in a comment here.) Be sure to specify which question you're answering.


Question A:
When is the last time you had to return or exchange a Christmas gift at a store, and how much of a hassle was doing it?


Question B:
Now that another Christmas is behind us, what holiday song will you be happiest to no longer have to hear for another eleven months?


Question A:
You see your worst enemy drop a $20 bill. Would you tell him or her, or would you quietly pocket the money.


Question B:
What is your own definition of being "rich" from a monetary standpoint?

Remember, pick question A or question B (and in this week's case, pick one question each from both topics). Don't answer all four questions!

Well, I'm running behind again, so am going for the fast and not-so-furious answers to be had by choosing “A” both times. In the first instance, I had to return a gift that I discovered was missing a crucial piece, rendering it unsuitable for giving to one of my wife's employees. So on Christmas Eve, about 3:00 PM, after dropping SWMBO off at her job, it was across town and over the river to the distant shopping center I went. The driving was miserable. There was light mist and the roads were getting icy. The store was packed. I stood in line and waited fifteen minutes. Arriving at the cashier I had to say “Whoa” as she attempted to scan the new item. I waved the receipt, showed her the old item and explained the problem. No problem for me – she waved me through. And then promptly put the defective item back on the shelf!

Second question is easy enough. I may hate your guts, but I know how hard it is sometimes to come up with $20. So regardless of the way I felt about them, if there is a direct connection between person A and Bill B, I will tell them they have dropped it.

Have a great week, peoples!

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