Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Seven - Episode 14

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Now that November sweeps is over, the world focuses on the holiday season, and television stations and networks are scrambling to fill their schedules with holiday programming throughout the month. That should get you started in your pondering about this week's question.

But first, it's time to recognize Betty of "Of Mini-paws and menopause," as the first person to answer last week's question about gift ideas! Congratulations, Betty!

On to the challenge!

What holiday movies or television specials are a regular part of your family's holiday rituals? Are there certain movies or shows that you really like to watch year after year? List up to seven productions that really help get you in the spirit of the season.

Either answer the question in a comment or answer it in your journal and include the link in a comment. (To be considered "first to play," a link must be to the specific entry in which you answered the question.)

  1. The Christmas Carol – I watch every version I can get my hands on, but the Basil Rathbone B&W is still my favorite, with Scott's version my favorite modern version.

  2. Miracle On 34th Street – the original, B&W version

  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas – because I'm warped that way.

  4. Bad Santa – same reason as above – I'm just warped

  5. The Santa Clause – I'm a sentimental old fool

  6. The Ref – best depiction of a middle class nightmare of an xmas eve redeemed I've ever seen. And I lived through dozens of them...

  7. It's A Wonderful Life – It would take a quart of bourbon or more, but I'd manage to sit through this drivel with the tears (alcohol-induced) pouring down my face along with George...

    Here's hoping SOMEONE comes out with better holiday fare!

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