Monday, December 12, 2005

I've been remiss...

or at least amongst the missing. Something about the "holidays" pisses me off no end. I find myself driving aggressively. I am short with clerks (which is really the height of stupidity - I was a clerk in a previous incarnation). I am snippy with my wife.


And, if last year is any indication, my drive to blog drops to nil. No election to be peeved about this year, either. Just the season. Grrrrr...

So, if it appears I'm not here as much -- give that man a star! See you on the flip side. Or whenever I get my mojo working again. In the meantime, have a happy whatever; be it channukah, kwanzaa, solstice, yule or christmas, boxing day, new year or "free beer at the race track" day. What ever hoes your beets.

By the by, as I noted in brief under the Unconcious Mutterings below, the finest, most outrageous mainstream comedian my generation produced died on Saturday from a heart attack at 65. Richard Pryor, may you rest in peace, your "rep" is safe for the future and that is all that truly matters.

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