Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MEME: Monday Madness - Hobby Hubby

Otto took a moment away from her photography to say, “Let's talk about our hobbies... and so I don't forget, thank you for playing and have a wonderful week! =)”

1. How many hobbies do you have? Several. Wood butchering, photography, sea kayaking, and my most recent, model railroading.

2. Name at least one of your hobbies. Didn't I just do that?

3. What do you like about your hobby? They occupy the mind and the body without running the risk of STD's.
4. What keeps you from spending more time on any one of your hobbies? Oh, reading, music, television, computers, cooking, chauffeuring, etc. ad nauseum.
5. Do you have any hobbies that you haven't taken up yet, but would like to? When I win the POWERBALL, there's a whole slew of hobbies I'd like to take up. And, they mostly involve avoiding too many STD's, too.
6. Have you ever decided to give up a hobby? If so, why? I gave up Schutzhund after my last GSD, Nori, died. I just couldn't bring myself to devote that much time and effort again.

Want to play? Just visit Otto here and follow the directions.

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