Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ray's Meme

One of my favorite contemporary writers is Ray Wong. Not sure what possessed him. but he posted a meme on his blog, I, the author. Well, you know I rarely pass a good one up and so I share it with you below. If you want to play along, be sure to leave a link to your answers in the comments at Ray’s blog. Thanks.

1. If someone is going to make a movie about you, which movie star/actress should play you?
Robin Williams - he’s of my generation and we’ve had a number of similar experiences, so he’d understand the character he’d be portraying better than some.
2. What are your favorite movies and/or books?
As of this moment, Philadelphia is still one of my favorite movies. Surprisingly catholic tastes in reading materials, two of my favorite books are Time Enough For Love and Past Through Tomorrow, both by Robert Heinlein. Others include Adam’s Task, Slaughterhouse 5 and Dune.
3. Coffee or chocolate?
Coffee, of course.
4. Hot tub or beaches?
Now that meds require me to avoid direct exposure of skin to sunlight it’s hot tubs. Used to be beaches, though.
5. Do you like to take naps? Or do you sleep only a few hours a day?
I love naps. Can’t get enough; actually must have or bad things happen to me.
6. Do you sleep in the nude?
Nope, not usually. I am pretty sensitive to chilling of my neck muscles, so I tend to wear a t-shirt in summer or turtleneck in winter when repairing to bed in our unheated bedroom. If I am sleeping alone I can sleep nude because I can pull the covers over my head as the CPAP provides me with fresh air.
7. What do you consider is your best achievement so far?
Helping to raise two children to adulthoods that do not involve drugs, crime or terrorist acts against the state ... so far.

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