Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fill-in, #23


Happy 1st day of my birthday month June! This week, we're going to have a theme--fictional characters :-) So fill in the blanks with them; please do refrain from using your husband/ wife/other non-fictional character!

1. I wouldn't toss _Penny Lane (Almost Famous)_ out of bed!
2. _Lindsay Lohan_ has no appeal for me whatsoever.
3. A good dream would involve me [meaning you] and _Julianne Moore_; we [meaning you and him or her] would _sail the Bay of Fundy_.
4. The sexiest man or woman in the movies is __; the sexiest man or woman on tv is _Marg Helgenberger_.
5. _Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lector_ portrays a wicked villian.
6. _Tony Soprano_ and _Rosie O'Donnell_ would make a great couple.
7. TGIF! Tonight I'm _chilling_, tomorrow my plans include _a ride_ and Sunday, I'll _watch NASCAR_!

Want to play along? Visit Janet at “Fond of Snape” to get a clean copy of the questions. Post your answers and leave a link in her comments thread so we can find them. Enjoy.


Janet said...

Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies!

Hey, I like your new design, but in both IE and Firefox, the whole post doesn't show up...the right side is cut off.

Thanks for playing!

Wil said...

Found the problem and fixed it. When I copied the meme, I got the HTML specifications for a table with a fixed width of 878 or so pixels included with the text, as HTML tables are the method that Wordpress and Moveable Type use for blog entry sizing. Went in and deleted the table specs and all is hunky dory now.