Friday, June 01, 2007

President Bush: Aspergers? Hmm...

I was going to post this as a comment to a post over at ScreaminRemo's private AOL journal, but then thought to myself, "Self, that's enough for a standalone post at the Snooze." I'd post a copy of Remo's entry here, but then his Republican Overlords of Death, er, Officer of the Day, would find out just what a subversive he is and his days in the Pleasantville P.D. would be even fewer numbered than they are. Anyway, here I go:

Apropos of nothing, I watched the Prez do his thing today for about 10 minutes viz. the immigration reform bill. As you may recall, I am somewhere to the right of you on many things, Remo. But, when it comes to Bush and his toadies, I have less regard for him than for your "ants".

Watching him today doing his shuck and jive was excruciatingly painful. Then it came to me. I am reminded of nothing so much as a moderate functioning Asperger's Syndrome patient. Well intentioned, well rehearsed, functionally literate but hasn't a clue as to what he is saying or it's impact on his audience. He truly is a puppet of the machine ... well, a (fortunately) small part of the machine.

There is something just "not right" about the man. In an earlier, more primitive society, George and Barbara would have left him along side of the trail to wait for 'the last wagon to catch up' when they knew they were the tail end of the line all along. Know what I mean?

It is the President's "otherness" that puts me off. The very real suspicion that he's just "faking it". I know it is considered small-minded to think this way, but I'd shoot the man before I'd let him marry my daughter. For the good of the race.

And in Texas, "just because he needed killin'" is an affirmative defense.


Robbie said...

You're to the right of REMO?!? Lord help us all. ;-)

Gosh that reminds me I haven't paid him a visit in a while. I love it when he talks politix. Him and I see eye to navel in that arena. Ha!

Happy Birthday Month to you!

loisontheweb said...

I hope that history verifies what I suspect about President Bush. He was a man who handled a difficult job in a difficult time ... THE WORLD HAS CHANGED; WE ARE IN UNCHARTED WATERS.
Whatever, he could have done so much good for us without having had to tend to the New World Crisis. He is that sort of person. All this partisan/political maneuvering in the House & Senate makes it impossible for anyone in the government to accomplish ANYTHING.
When the subject comes up in a conversation, I involuntarily put my hand in a "pledge to the American flag" postition ... & state very earnestly: "President Bush is my HERO!"


Carly said...

Hi Wil :)

I have to agree with Robbie, I had no idea you were to the right of Remo! YIKES! Hi Mr. Remo :) Anyway, haven't I been saying for YEARS it seems as if Bush were winging it? ;)

Seriously, I am just wondering why it took Bush's decision on immigration to make y'all on the right to see that there might be something "not quite right?" $3.79 a gallon for gas? $3.75 for bread? Milk due to reach record highs by December? There were and are a LOT of indicators that should have had more people taking notice of his "otherness."

Please say hello to Mr. Remo for me, and give him my regards. I lost track of him after the great exodus. :)

Always, Carly

hestiahomeschool said...

dear me, to the RIGHT of our beloved Remo..what a scary thought! I do agree there is something very OFF about the president, his little shifty eyes always make me think of a dog waiting to get a treat if it performs right.
love, Kas

Wil said...

I am not saying this is some new revelation. What is new to me, as a retired Paramedic and married to a nurse, is the suspicion he is afflicted with Aspergers. I objected to USA involvement in Iraq before our troops ever went to Saudi Arabia to stage the invasion.

It has nothing to do with his decision regarding the compromise immigration bill. Perhaps I failed to make it clear, but I do not choose to watch George Bush give speeches (he infuriates me). But I watched him yesterday, and it was the appearance of multiple symptoms which lead me to raise the question.

Nor am I willing to lay all of the blame at his feet, personally, for what is wrong at this time with the USA. No, I include his entire political administration, multiple cabinet members and a Congress that can't find it's collective ass with two hands and a guide. Not to mention the unfortunate, uncanny ability of the opposition to shoot themselves in the feet every time one of them opens their mouthes.

Blame the cost of bread on Bush? Not directly. Folks simply don't understand that New Orleans was the food grains and commodities storage venue for the country. When it was destroyed, our entire chain of grain management and transportation was destroyed along with it. Add the cost of fuel to that equation and of course bread prices will rise. Along with everything else. Couple it with an arterial hemorrhage of this nation's wealth to special interests of all stripes and colors and you have a recipe for the collapse of the country's economy.

Welcome to the end times. It's just as predicted, save that we are going out with a whimper rather than a bang.