Sunday, September 30, 2007

John M. Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #185: Bad Clothes! Bad!

Weekend Assignment #185: What's the worst clothing ensemble you can recall wearing? I expect we'll get a lot of bridesmaid and prom night nightmares in this one, but anything's up for grabs, and in deed, if it was something you thought was fashionable at the time and now have come to regret, so much the better. Confess! You'll feel better.

Extra Credit: Are you kidding? Pictures, people!

Dear John,

Short and sweet – you're out of town, fighting a wonky hotel wifi. My mother had the obnoxious habit of dressing my two brothers and I in matching outfits whenever my grandmother was visiting. While I have no pictures to document this travesty, I recall a truly horrendous sailor's suit, with bib overall front shirt, bell bottom pants and red bow ties. Hideous.

If I ever hear of you and Krissy perpetrating such an outrage upon Athena, you'll be expunged from my Christmas list. For real.


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