Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump

RFDuck had this to say about that:

“Hello everyone! Today's theme is Video Game Day, but I suspect most of my readers don't play video games. So, instead, I'll choose a theme from some other day. The theme will be . . . 15 Minutes Of Fame Day!”

1. Have you ever been famous for anything? If so, what did you do to become famous?
No. I am a shy, retiring wallflower. No fame for me, no sirree!!
2. Have you ever met anyone famous?
3. Are you related to anyone famous (anywhere on your family tree)?
Yep, Samuel Morse of “Morse Code” and an excellent portrait painter who went crazy from syphylis. He was a great-great uncle or something.
4. Whose 15 minutes of fame should be taken away? Paris Hilton.

You can get a spanking clean set of questions for your very own and a place to leave your answers or a link thereto right here at Blogdrive Insanity.