Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This 'n' That

I had a quiet weekend. Spent most of Saturday on the road with SWMBO on a quest to look at a camper trailer we might buy - it was just what I wanted, but the owner is asking almost double what the NADA Blue Book says it is worth, so doubtful that it'll become ours -- too expensive.

Sunday I hung out at camp after taking the better half to work. Just enjoyed the cooler temps at the lake.

Monday, I went to camp after dropping my wife off at work, watched the boats go by, soaked up a little Vitamin D, made a Cajun-spiced salmon fillet and some rock shrimp on the barbie for supper, watched the sun set and hightailed it back home before the skeeters could carry me away. Part of the afternoon was spent in the company of a Bald Eagle who was hanging out in the tall pine over by my old camp hunting for fish and terrorizing the area squirrels, woodpeckers, ducks, Canada geese and the loons, from the sounds of the protests I heard over the afternoon. I was afraid the sound of a car door slamming would drive him away, so couldn't get the camera from the moosemobile.

Dad to say, it appears that Bush and Company aren't satisfied with fucking up things in Iraq. With the continued ratcheting-up of the rhetoric over the weekend and yesterday in Iraq by Bush and Cheney, it appears they really are going to provoke a war with Iran. Assholes, every last one of them. They simply refuse to learn from their mistakes...

I hope y'all had a good weekend and the return to work wasn't too traumatic this morning. I'm off to visit Bar Harbor tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.



Robbie said...

Those who never have to pay for their mistakes rarely learn from them. Sadly so!

Have a safe trip!

Kat said...

What I don't understand is what is the purpose?? Iraq is a mess and they didn't really much have the ability to fight back. Iran does. Just what do they really think they're going to accomplish?

Sinjin said...

Going in to remove Hussein was the right thing to do, obviously. Evil should never be appeased. War protestors say things like Bush: Wanted For War Crimes but Hussein got a pass for his genocidal and tortuous dictatorship? Makes no sense.

Now there is a mess in Iraq and Iran is partially to blame because they supply much of the weaponry and explosives used in Iraq. Why does that get a pass?

Iran has every intention of building a nuclear weapon.

Their insane leader dismisses the holocaust of 6 million Jews and he wishes to obliterate Israel.

Every diplomatic peaceful method should be used to stop him.

But what happens when diplomacy fails?

Should he be allowed to go ahead and build his nukes and do as he wishes? Nuclear holocaust is okay just so long as Bush doesn't militarily intervene?