Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump – What's The Bright Idea?

Once again, RFDuck, intrepid mememeister and musicologist to the stars, has failed to fire a synapse or two. See what I mean:

“Greetings, mind humpers! Today's theme (Be Late Day) is lame, so let's go with yesterday's theme - Bright Idea Day. Today's meme is really simple. Just . . .”

Tell us your bright idea.


As if a “bright idea” has ever emerged fully formed and able to be articulated from these neurons! Not bloody likely, that.

Even assuming I was capable of such a feat, who in his right mind would share such a thing without having patented it first?

I'm still waiting for “cold fusion” and the “hundred miles to the gallon carburetor” to make their appearance. And they're both patented. As is the Roomba, which can't navigate it's way out of anything but a nearly empty room. Introduce it to a real room with real obstacles and it can't scurry back to it's charging base fast enough.

Alright, enough stalling. My bright idea is...

Last one out, turn off the lights.”

Want to play along? Everything you need to know is to be found at Blogdrive Insanity.


Kat said...

If I had any bright ideas I wouldn't be working in this hellhole. Of course I'm not above swiping other people's bright ideas...

Russ/rfduck said...

Thanks for humping!