Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Belated Friday MEME: Friday Fill-In #43

1. The last good thing that came in the mail was _the final issue of Model Railroader (NTS: gots to renew that)_ .

2. This week I'm grateful for _not striking a match to check out the water heater in the trailer – the valve was leaking by..._.

3. _Lobster Pie_ is the most delicious thing ever.

4. _Walt Whitman_ inspires me.

5. I'm most happy when I _by myself_ .

6. And all the roads we have to walk along are _dangerous with high speed traffic_ .

7. As for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _rain_ , tomorrow my plans include _more rain_ and Sunday, I want to _get some laundry done and hung_ !

Sad state of affairs: When I asked the clerk at Burger King last night why they persist in asking whether the transaction will be cash or credit, she replied it was "Because we have to calculate your change in our heads if it is cash and the machine does it for credit cards." Bumfuzzled, I just drove away. Has BK taken to hiring psychics to work the drive-in lane so they'll know what bills and coins you'll be using in advance? What change does one concern oneself with when completing a charge card transaction? Finally, what's so bleeding hard about calculating change, anyway? Does no one teach their children how to count out change?

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Janet said...

change is fast going the way of rotary phones and dial up...

thanks for playing!