Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump - Brain Cells Redux

Intrepid mememeister, RFDuck, is really stretching his neurons these days. Must be that new course he's taking at the free university -- “Brain Surgery For Fun And Profit, or, How to become a serial killer in three easy steps (Stalk, Kill, Repeat).

Hello everyone! Today is Brain Cell Reduction Day for the Mind Hump.

1. What is your favorite brain cell-reducing TV show?
House – it just fries those
ganglions by the thousands, trying to keep up with the plot twists and fun.
2. What is your favorite brain cell-reducing website?
Boing, Boing does a pretty good job of frying my brain, particularly if taken in large doses.
3. What is your favorite brain cell-reducing music?
Runrig, a Scottish Celtic Rock/Fusion band.

(From Wikipedia: Run rig, or runrig, is the name for a type of arable cultivation practised in northern and western Great Britain, especially Scotland. The name refers to alternating "runs" (furrows) and "rigs" (ridges). It continued into the 20th century in the Hebrides. In Ireland, a similar system was called rundale.)