Saturday, October 13, 2007

MEME: Weekend Assignment 187: You're Late!

Weekend Assignment #187: Share a story about when you were once memorably late to something. Late to a big event? To a date? To a wedding? Your wedding? If you were late, and it made for a good story, that's what we want to hear.

Extra Credit: How many times do you have to hit the alarm clock before you get up in the morning?

Dear John,

Wicked feeling just came over me. Dizzy, mild nausea, overall feeling of doom. Being the sharp tack that I am, I recognize it as the writer's equivalent of deja vu – in this case, the sub-set of symptoms equals “been there – done that.” I refer of course, to Weekend Assignment #140 and my response thereto.


So, for extra credit, I will confess to using a stereo turned up loud and at least two alarm clocks, often times three, in order to get up for work in the morning. All my love to Krissy and the wee monster.

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Chris said...

I was going to do this meme but I'm late getting around to it;)