Thursday, November 24, 2005

Food For Thought

Here follows the words of Deogowulf, a Limey pundit and fellow curmudgeon, who turns a phrase way prettier than I will ever manage. Feast now on his thoughts and give thanks he isn't in the mainstream or there'd be a whole lot more dead liberals...
Against what is usually said, it is not the Muslim but the Christian who must adapt to the reality of the Western order, in one way at least; namely in that if he wishes the liberal intelligentsia to pay respect and even obeisance to his religion, he should hold the threat of violence over those who do not; for time and again, our self-styled guardians of thought have shown themselves to be swayed less by argument and righteousness than by violence and power; for they are the quintessence of corrupt intellect and craven character. - Deogowulf.

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