Friday, November 11, 2005

Tempest In A Pisspot!

Also known as a "thunder mug," a "pisspot" inhabited every sleeping chamber in the house before the advent of indoor plumbing (according to my Great Grandfather Albert, as relayed by the VERY PROPER Grandmother Grace, "It is barbaric to shit in the house!" Nuff said on that subject). Anyway, this entry has nothing to do with plumbing and everything to do with patents and muddled thinking.

According to this UPI report, the folks down to the US Patent Office must have gotten a good deal on some really good stuff -- they've issued patent number 6,960,975 for an anti-gravity device.

Yes Virginia, in the same week that the State of Kansas decides to require the teaching of "creationism" in the secondary school science curriculum, the loons at the USPO grant a patent on a device that defies the laws of physics. You may now officially bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

via Pharyngula

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