Saturday, November 05, 2005

MEME: Saturday Six -- Episode 82

Saturday Six - Episode 82

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Tonight is the big night for the announcement of the winners of this year's Vivi Awards. But today is Saturday, which means that there's no better day of the week for the Saturday Six.

But before the questions, it's time to recognize the first person to play last week. That honor went to Mort, of "Mortimer's Cafe," Congratulations, Mort.

Also, we welcome those who played the Saturday Six for the first time last week: Leslie, Scrletwoman, Hoppers, MyHeartSaysSo2 and Susan, whose link didn't appear to work. Be sure to stop by their journals to say hello.

Here are this week's "Saturday Six" questions. Either answer the questions in a comment @ Patrick's Place, or put the answers in an entry on your journal...but either way, leave a link to your journal @ Patrick's Place so that everyone else can visit! If you don't have an AOL journal, you can still play, but of course you'll at least need an AOL screen name, which you can get for free with AOL Instant Messenger, to be able to leave a comment here. To be counted as "first to play," you must be the first player to either answer the questions in a comment or to provide a complete link to the specific entry in your journal in which you answer the questions. A link to your journal in general cannot count. (Again, if you're playing for the first time, please be sure to say so in the comment!) Enjoy!

1. What is the last big "gift" you bought for yourself...either for your birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday?

I really can't recall. I suspect it was this computer because, even though my wife bought it for us as our Christmas present last year, she detests this computer with a passionate hatred – she misses the old computer lots and lots... this one has WindozeXP, don't ya know... so she claims that I bought it to torment her!

2. Of the official Vivi Award Categories, if you had to nix one of them, which would you choose?

Sorry, I can't think of a single one. Lots of additions come to mind, though ... see below.

3. Which category would you add that isn't on the list this year?

I think the VIVI's, if continued, have the potential to grow willy-nilly, much as the Academy of Motion Pictures Awards (the Oscars) have grown. So, for now, I suggest we add the category of Best Model Railroading Journal. Just because...

4. Take this quiz: Which soap opera does your life most resemble?

Your life most resembles:
The Young and the Restless

Your life mostly resembles those of the characters on the Young and the Restless. You are not very melodramatic, and your life is pretty normal. What makes you cool is that you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Take this quiz at

  1. Have you ever heard a song and thought, "Whoever wrote that must know me?" If so, what song was it, and do you still feel that way?

    Nope. While I have identified with the characters in songs in the past, I can not recall ever jumping to the conclusion that the song was about me... except one that Carly sang, what was it called?

    6. If your birthday had to fall on a holiday each year, which holiday would you choose and why? (For this question, assume that holidays like "Thanksgiving," which fall on a different date each year, would fall on the same date to accommodate the question.)

    I suppose I'd choose the Fourth of July. I'm partial to fireworks being shot off in my honor...

    If you have a Reader's Choice question you'd like to see asked (and answered), click the e-mail link on the About Me bar @Patrick's Place and send it to him.

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