Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Situation Normal -- All Fucked Up.

It's the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. Snow started around 1:00, shortly before I got up. Driving my wife to work about 2:30, the roads were fine, even though I'd had to scrape the snow off the car window. Same on the way home.

Drive Time arrives and the hoi polloi must contend with (insert drum roll and trumpet fanfare) The First Snowstorm Of The Season (enunciated by the Voice of Doom - patent pending). Sadly, it appears that the combination of six months without snow, sunset and the resultant dip in temperature, has resulted in extreme panic in Needle City - they've forgotten how to drive on slippery surfaces.

And thus, we have the parade of hundreds and dundreds (about 1600 per hour, on average) of vehicles creeping along at 10 miles an hour on their way home to their feasts. The turkeys.

I'm just thankful I can watch the flamers make their way home without being amongst them. I've already had one Laser Cannon Moment for today.

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