Sunday, April 23, 2006

For Whom The Bell Tolls...

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #108: Lesser-Known Art

Since we all had so much fun the other week with sharing favorite poems for the Weekend Assignment, I thought we'd do something similar this week -- but with a little twist:

Weekend Assignment #108: Show off (or link to) a lesser-known work from a favorite artist. Because there's more to Da Vinci than the Mona Lisa, and more to Van Gogh than Starry Night. I'm thinking of painters, but if you'd prefer to essay a lesser known book from a famous author, or song from a favorite musician, that'll work, too.

Extra Credit: When was the last time you were in an art museum?

Need help finding those lesser-known artworks online? Try Artcyclopedia. You can enter the name of a favorite artist there, and pull up numerous examples of work they've produced. Aside doing the Weekend Assignment, you can have hours of fun just looking at art online.

Dear John,

Hope you are having fun getting comfortably soused with friends and admirers this weekend. All young husbands need to do that now and again, lest they fall into the “grass is greener” trap. And Loki knows, you've got some of the greenest grass I've ever known a young father to have.

Last things first. The Farnsworth Museum was the last art museum I visited. I have mentioned it several times in the past, as it is the closest art museum to my home and so, logically, the one I visit most often. The last time we were there was for an exhibition of Alan Magee's works, including the largest collection of his cover art – he supported himself for twenty years as a cover artist of science fiction novels for Ballantine Books.

Anyway, I have mentioned that Andrew Wyeth is probably my favorite artist. In fact. His most recent works were on display down to the Farnsworth the last time I was there and I was totally captivated by some watercolors he'd done in the early 1990's. He has gotten shaky, but his eye is true and his mastery sublime.

The Farnsworth will be putting up a new exhibition entitled, “Andrew Wyeth: Selections” which will run from May 15, 2006 thru October 15, 2006 at The Wyeth Center at Farnsworth Museum. In additiion to all the big name, well known pictures of Andy's that America loves, you will be introduced to many lesser known works. Perhaps “Schooner Aground” will capture your fancy, or, maybe, the still life of “Split Ash Basket” is more to your liking.

For me, the austere, sparse precision of “Tolling Bell” makes my knees weak. If only I had a hundredth of that talent, that vision. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be.

My best to your lovely wife, Krissy, and the obstreperous highness herself, Princess Athena. Give Kody a scratch behind the ear for me when you get home, Traveler Mine.


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