Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monday Madness -- Ascension Edition

The questions were hijacked by the Bad Easter Bunny and held for ransom ... 3 Cadbury Eggs! Otto apologized in this fashion: “I'm a day late, I know. Sorry about that; the holiday weekend was very busy and I literally had no time to post questions. I hope you still come back next week; I promise I'll have new questions up! =)”

For now, feel free to participate in the following...

1. What was the highlight of your weekend? Going to town to pick up Sunday dinner.
2. What was the best meal you ate this past weekend? Sunday, I had Hot and Sour Soup and General Tso's Szechuan chicken and broccoli with fried rice on the side.
3. Did you spend time with anyone special? I spent the weekend with my wife. She is special.
4. Did the weekend seem to drag, or go by too quickly? Whoosh! They all flow by so fast these days.

Play along by getting your own set of questions, posting a link to your answers in the comments at the Monday Madness Headquarters and Bagel Shoppe.

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