Thursday, April 27, 2006

If You Have Diabetes, Read This:

Via Amy at Diabetes Mine: Are We Done Yet? (Venting the Silent Screams): "The proposed s1955 bill under debate, aka the 'Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act' is a SHAM that could wipe out vital health care coverage for EVERYONE WHO REALLY NEEDS IT (people with any chronic or ongoing condition that requires continuous care). The bill seeks to save the government some money short-term, but foolishly ignores the long-term soaring costs it will create by denying people the immediate 'maintenance' care they need to avoid the astronomically expensive consequences of their conditions. Got that?!

Translation: in the words of California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, 'it will do nothing to control healthcare costs. Instead it will simply shift them to older and sicker individuals.' I personally would prefer not to wait that long to get what I need for my diabetes! ... I haven't posted enough about this and yet am silently stressing over it. Horrible strategy. Please click below for a very fast and easy way to protest."


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