Saturday, April 15, 2006

Phew! You Stink!

So said She Who Must Be Obeyed to me on Thursday night as she opened the car door. The miasma -- despite the fact that my window was open to allow the evening vapors to circulate -- was almost palpable in it's stench. No more conversation occurred as my better half was too busy gagging as she attempted to roll down the window on the passenger side.

It happened before I could react. There we were, Willow the Wunderhund and your correspondant, heading out the kitchen door. Willow was off to the kennel and I was off to pick up the wife unit from work. Willow espied a new cat on the porch and just had to go over and sniff her. Too late, I realized that said cat wasn't the black and white yearling. No, it was Ms. Skunkie, of the under the summer kitchen skunkies. Too bad. So sad...

Willow got a snoot full and is banished to the kennels for several weeks to dilute the stink and await warmer weather so I can bathe her before she'll be allowed in the house. I caught the back spray and instantly the nerve endings in my nose overloaded. It was a glancing blow, but effective. Naught to do but keep on keeping on. So off to work I go.

Of course, they had a big meeting of the Alzheimer's Support Group at the facility that was breaking up when I arrived. I overheard more than a few comments as folks gave the car wide berth after getting their first whiffs of the eau de cologne that Ms. Skunkie supplied. As I told SWMBO, good thing it was the Alzheimer's group -- at least they won't remember it. Heheh...

Ms. Skunkie tearing up the lawn on a fine June evening, Spring, 2005

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