Saturday, July 15, 2006

There's always a reason for silence...

Just a quick entry to let you know I haven't forgotten y'all. I'm tied up in thirteen kinds of knots coping with the sudden death of my brother on Thursday afternoon. As you might imagine, that event has claimed all of my concentration and energy and likely will continue to monopolize my time and energies for the near term. I will try to pop in now and then to let you know I'm still thinking of you (I do, you know that, don't you?) and let you know what's happening. In closing, I want to share this passage from a wonderful piece by Paul Little, a writer I admire. You can read the entire piece here at his AOL Journal Aurora Walking Vacation.

The storm which sank his ship was sudden, and unexpected, and the initial onset of grief was much like being swept from the safe and sturdy deck of his life, and plunged into the chaotic sea. An initial certainly of his doom flashed through his being for but an instant, then he was quickly tossed up from the Sea of Grief upon a sandy shore of calm on the Island of Loss.

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