Monday, May 14, 2007

MEME: Monday Music Mambo -- American Spirit

Rfduck struggled up onto one elbow, his head throbbing with a hangover and his nether regions throbbing with morning wood. A deep breath and he managed to croak out, "Hello! I'm back with another Mambo. Today is Stars and Stripes Forever Day. That means today's Mambo is all about America!"

Then he wandered off to the W.C. to see a man about a duck...

1. What is your favorite American band?
The Grateful Dead does it for me -- truly American Originals the entire thirty years the band was in existence. The YouTube video below is one of my favorites. Too bad the original is locked up in licensing issues...

2. Who is your favorite American male artist?
Jerry Garcia -- No surprise, given my answer to the first question. So sad that he passed the way he did. I, too, have the whole diabetes + cardiac issues + sleep apnea that took him out. Sucks to be Old and Grey...

3. Who is your favorite American female artist?
Judy Collins -- a true American Sweetheart. Check out this video with Albatross as the basis for the action on screen.

4. What is your favorite song with the word "America"
or "American" in the title?
John Denver'sAmerican
Child is one, not necessarily better than “America the
Beautiful” or "American Woman" but it has a really nice video to go with it...

Postus Scriptus. I almost forgot. If you, too, want to play along with the Mambo, click the post title up top to be whisked away on a magic carpet ride, er, to visit mememeister rfduck for a clean copy of this week's questions. By the way, the cost of American postage just went up, so you might as well get sky high, too.

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