Sunday, May 27, 2007

MEME: Sunday Seven - Episode 91

May sweeps ended this past week, and most network shows have aired their big season-ending cliffhangers. It seems that there are more and more shows that are killing off characters to keep the drama alive.

Sometimes, a show has little choice, because a popular actor who played the role dies and there is no one else who could possibly play the character convincingly. But then there are those deaths when the actor either decides to leave the series or the writers just get the itch to kill someone off. That is the kind of character death that led me to this week’s questions.

But first, Allison of "We’re All Mad Here" was first to play last week. Congratulations, Allison.

On to this week's question!

Name seven TV character deaths that stand out as being shockers.

I'm not sure I can think of seven...

  1. Lem on The Shield

  2. Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake (Season 1-3) on M.A.S.H.

  3. Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre (Season 1-3) on M.A.S.H.

  4. Leo Thomas McGarry on the West Wing

  5. Mrs. Landingham. on the West Wing

  6. Holly Gribbs, a rookie fresh out of the criminal justice academy who was killed off the first (pilot) episode of CSI (ok, ok, technically she doesn't die until the second episode, but still...)

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